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Gas and Equipment Service


Air and Nitrox Services

Standard Air Fills 21% up to 3442PSI                                                                                                 $6 per tank
*Enriched Air Nitrox Fill 32% up to 3442PSI (Currently unavailable) $12 per tank
*Enriched Nirtox Fill 36% up to 3442PSI (Currently unavailable) $14 per tank
**Custom blends over 40%

Call for Pricing

Gas fill policy:

Standard Air Fills require a diving agency certification OR Air for paintball will need to sign a paintball use waver and the tank being fill marked as non-scuba use.
*MUST show diving agency certification card for Enriched Air Nitrox up to 40%.
**MUST show diving agency Tech certification or O2 Provider Card for fills/blends over 40%.

AZ Divers will NOT fill carbonfiber tanks. We can refer you to a dive shop that can.

Equipment Services

*Hydro Testing (Includes Visual Inspection and standard air fill) $65 per tank
Annual Visual Inspection (Includes standard air fill) $20 per tank
O2 Cleaning (Includes Visual Inspection, Enriched Air Tank wrap and 32% fill) $40 per tank

* Tanks dropped off for Hydro are sent out and picked up on Tuesday Mornings. Customers will be called when tank is ready for pickup.

Regulator Service:

AZ Divers, does not perform in-house regulator service, you may contact the following service centers:

Scuba Doctor, L.L.C. * P:602-788-7700 * 14644 N Cave Creek Rd # 10 Phoenix AZ 85022

Saguaro Scuba * P: 877-837-7637 * 908 E Impala Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204

Monterey Bay Diving * P: 831-642-9966 * 625 California Ave Unit C, Sand City, CA 93955

Other Services:
Dive Computer Battery Change (Includes Standard Battery. specialty batteries may be higher) $20
BCD Cleaning and Inspection $35