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Equipment Rental

All rental charges are based on a 24 hour period. All rental is subject to availability.

Dive Package (BCD, regulator, SPG, Depth Gage, compass, (2) Aluminum 80 tanks, weights) $65/day

Tanks: Aluminum 80 or 63

Tanks: Steel HP 120 (Reservation required)



Weights (Set of 28lbs of hard lead, weight belt not included) $6.50/day
Regulator (includes octopus, SPG, depth gage and compass) $15/day
Wetsuit (7mm jump suit) $8/day

OTS Full Face Mask* (includes 1st stage, OTS FFM Reg, octopus, SPG, depth gage and compass)

Must have Full Face Mask certification.

BCD (Jacket Style w/ integrated weight system) $15/day

Person(s) Renting Scuba Equipment: 
 must be 18 years of age or older or be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent.
 must provide a valid form of identification (valid driver's license, US Passport or Military Issued ID).
 must provide a valid Scuba certification or be on ADT's schedule to complete open water dives.
 must leave a credit card number on file.